Can the PS3 Slim play PS2 games


“I don’t own a PS3 right now but I just heard about the new PS3 Slim so I’m thinking it’s time to join the bandwagon. I have a good collection of PS2 games though, so can the new PS3 Slim play PS2 games?”

The backwards compatibility was taken out of previous PS3 models and there were some rumors early on that this new PS3 Slim would be backwards compatible but Sony had since squashed those rumors.

John Koller is the marketing director for SCEA and here’s what he said about the whole issue during a Kotaku interview:

Now that we’re at a point where we’re three years into the lifecycle of the PS3, there are so many PS3 disc-based games that are available that we think and noticed this from our research that most consumers that are purchasing the PS3 cite PS3 games as a primary [reason]

And it’s not just like 50 or 60 percent. It’s well into the 80 or 90 percentile range who are purchasing it for PS3 [games]. We do know that there are next gen consumers wanting to come over the the PS3. Most of those are consumers who have not utilized their PS2 for a little while and they’re ready to jump into the PlayStation 3


  1. Brandon says

    Also anyone who says I should move on from those no cause I have like 50 more working ps2 games I still play and enjoy. resident evil and devil may cry every 8 months is still amazing

  2. jay b says

    the fat ps3 play ps2 games the slim dont i’d rather want one that play ps2 games like it suppose to so you people talkin about buy a ps2 can kiss a dick. an yes dave mustaine i buy a matha fucken ps3 to play ps2 and ps3 bitch

  3. Tristan W says

    I got a 320 GB PS3 Slim for Christmas, and the other day, I noticed an option “Internal Memory Card”, so I selected it, and another menu came up with 2 options, “Create New Memory Card (PS2)”, and “Create New Memory Card (PS)”. So since then, I’ve been curious.

  4. Stratos says

    Whats REALLY Funny though is the fact that PS3 Slim goes far enough back to play PS One games but won’t support PS2, I mean Can’t be to difficult to work that into a patch for a software update, they already have it on hand from the Original PS3

  5. D Williams says

    See this is just another way for them to make money. What they gonna do is start re-mastering and updating the old PS2 games with better sound quality and graphics.

  6. chris says

    Of course the research is gonna say that people purchase the ps3 for ps3 games. That doesn’t mean that they don’t still want to play those games.

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